Tales of the Tea Trade

The Secret to Sourcing and Enjoying the World's Favorite Drink

Take a look at the world of tea from a completely new perspective and join tea merchants Michelle and Rob Comins on a fascinating journey into the lives of those who plant, pluck, and process tea.

Going beyond the standard story of leaf to cup, this book offers a unique first-hand insight into the culture, ceremony, opportunities, and threats surrounding the ancient art of preparing tea. Michelle and Rob Comins offer their perspectives on how Eastern tea rituals can find a place in our increasingly busy Western lives, exploring key ingredients and ethical sourcing, and showing you how to translate and recreate tea practices at home.

Chapters include The Story of Tea, The Tea Plant, The Main Types of Tea, The International Tea Industry, Tea and Health, and Time for Tea. This book stands alone in addressing tea from multiple perspectives; more than 50 global experts contribute their stories and insights. They inspire us to think of, and buy, tea in much the same way we do coffee, making loose leaf tea a simple, everyday pleasure.

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