The Therapy Game
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Learn to Talk. Learn to Listen.
When we end up in a really good conversation with a friend, we sometimes pay them a slightly unusual but sincere compliment: we say that chatting to them feels like talking to a good therapist.
What we tend to mean is that they’re giving us space to talk, they’re not interrupting us or pushing their own advice aggressively forward: they’re properly listening.
This game cannot turn us into real therapists (that would take years of training). But like many good games (ones about flying or being a detective for example), it gives us a chance to try out, entertainingly but safely, one of the most interesting sides of a great profession. The Therapy Game offers us a rare opportunity to listen and speak to one another at truly fulfilling length and depth.
The cards cover five categories:

Questions cover topics such as:
Who do you need to impress?
What did you learn about relationships from your parents?
If you were a friend of yours, what would you tell yourself about the challenges you face?
Around what features of your character does your self-hatred focus?
Contains adult content.

100 cards with timer | 100 x 90 x 60mm | Instruction booklet included

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